Battens are a necessary method of supporting sail shape throughout its designed wind range.  The stiffness, shape and taper ratio of any sail batten will directly affect the shape the sail develops and hence the performance of the sail.

Customised Composites carbon fibre batten range are, on average, less than half the weight of an epoxy glass fibre batten, for a given stiffness.

All of our battens are manufactured from aerospace grade pre-preg unidirectional carbon fibre fabrics and autoclave cured under high pressure to ensure the highest quality void free laminate throughout the range of thicknesses offered.

We have developed a large range of batten products, all of which feature taper ratios that have been specifically designed to offer the optimum shape and functionality with all makes of sail.

Some of the Worlds’ best sailors, such as Robert Greenhalgh, use our battens in a variety of boats, such as, The International Moth, where there is no limit to what sail shapes can be achieved by altering battens.

The majority of battens available are a product that has been ground or sanded to reach a desired thickness.  At Customised Composites we have developed a tooling system that allows us to produce battens to a finished size.  This allows us to have continuous fibres on either side of the batten, so increasing the durability of the product.