This single-handed dinghy development class is leading the way in high speed hydrofoil racing.   Alongside the on-going development of hydrofoils, the sail and rigs of the boats have been improved as well, with modern sails featuring luff sleeves and cam systems to stream line and improve aerodynamic performance.  We supply the world's leading sailmakers with battens and cams specifically developed to change the way the shape of the sails looks and functions.  

We have been working with Robert Greenhalgh to develop a set of battens that are specifically designed for the International Moth using a unique taper ratio and manufacturing technique.  The battens have a range of stiffness’ to accommodate a light, medium and heavy wind sail set-up and can be tailored to move the maximum draft (depth) of the sail to any desired location.  These battens can be used and are supplied long enough to fit a long or short cam sail so can be easily retro fitted to any sail.  

We supply these battens as a set containing all 3 stiffness ranges.  A pack contains 2x #1 battens, soft and stiff, 2x #2 battens, stiff and soft, 5x Light battens, 5x Medium and 5x Heavy, 3 are supplied 2.3M long, 10mm wide and two 2.0M, 10mm wide.  A total of 19 battens that will accommodate all wind ranges and can be cut to suit any sail.   


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