Customised Composites have developed a large range of different tapers to suit different types and sizes of sails for the leading sail makers around the world. 

All of our battens are manufactured with continuous fibres along both side of the batten, unlike most batten manufactures we produce a tapered batten by staggering the core layers of the laminate rather than grinding the surface layers away.   This along with our high-pressure cure helps produce a batten with increased durability to impact loads and the constant fatigue that bending and flexing a batten causes.

We have also developed batten sets for the world's leading sailors in a range of different dinghies and yachts, all of which are designed to generate unique shapes to give that extra edge of boat speed. 

We manufacture a range of standard stiffness’ and tapers that are graded using a colour coding system, as per our Physical Properties page.  Customised Composites also offer a custom race service, using our knowledge of bend characteristics and sail behavior we can assist race teams in developing sail shapes specifically for their boat or average sailing conditions.  Please contact us for more details.


We have a standard range of products that cater for all types of general purpose sail but have also developed a number of class or sail specific batten sets, one such class is the International Moth.  The sails for the Moth are basically flat membranes that have a luff curve to generate depth in the sail, the shape and draught position is dictated by the 7 full battens in the sail. 

We are proud to have supplied equipment for a number of highly competitive fleets and world class boats including Moth National, European and world champions, Olympic Finn gold medalists along with a number of other highly competitive teams within fleets such as the Fast 40+.


Full set of custom leach battens for the fast40+ Jubilee

Full set of custom leach battens for the fast40+ Jubilee