We have supplied a range of diameters and lengths of composite tubes to the marine industry.  We can manufacture tubes using a range of different techniques and materials.  Bespoke use tubes tend to be manufactured using “roll wrapping”, laying material around a male mandrel before consolidation and cure.  These tubes can be manufactured from a range of materials, glass, carbon or Kevlar all of which are “pre-preg” materials which are combined with high temperature aerospace resin systems.  This method normally leaves a ridged or rippled effect on the outside of the tube, with the inside have a perfect finish. 

Customised Composites also have an in-house tooling facility that can manufacture high temperature tooling which can then be used to female tooling in order to have a perfect finish on the outside of the tube or object.  Tubes can be achieved by laying the composite pre-preg materials into the tooling and inflating a bag inside.

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